I sea pasta looks like tagliatelle but is 100% wild, handpicked seaweed from Connemara, Ireland. I sea pasta is the equivalent of 500 grams fresh sea vegetables ready to be used as pasta, veggies or anything in between.

Himanthalia Elongata is rich in protein and fibre and contains valuable vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, Vitamins A, C, B and E. It also contains polysaccharides, beneficial to the immune system and iodine which can help to maintain a healthy thyroid. Gluten free, sugar free and low in carbohydrates.

Store at room temperature. Keep dry after opening. 
Net weight: 100 g.

Made in Netherlands.

Ingredients: Himantalia Elongata, dried sea vegetable.

How to use: incorporated as pasta, noodles, vegetables and almost any meal you desire. This package holds enough seaweed for five servings.

Allergy advice: may contain traces of crustaceans.


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